The Hideaway is a hidden gem, located on the beautiful Bamff Estate in Perthshire, not far from Alyth. A unique place to stay with your dog quite like no other Baxter and I have ever come across before!

As the name suggests, The Hideaway is slightly off the beaten track only accessible by foot, surrounded by woodland and overlooking two beaver ponds. There is a place to park your car but it’s still about a 5 minute walk to The Hideaway. It’s also located on the Cateran Trail which is a popular 103 kilometres circular long distance walking route.

The Hideaway itself is so unique and full of charm in many ways. There is the most beautiful four poster bed, the frame is made from beaver cut wood which I loved and found very quirky! It was also the most comfy and cosy bed I’ve ever slept in too. There is a Z Bed which can me made up if a third person wanted to stay over and a hammock above the main bed. There are fairy lights which give you enough light at night time, these The Hideaway feel very romantic, even though we had a snoring Baxter with us!

There is a little kitchen area with a camping stove, cutlery, crockery and a kettle so there is everything you need to cook meals. There are also two comfy armchairs in front of a cosy log burner and a table and chairs where you can sit and have your meals. Be prepared, there are no electric points or phone signal but there is a usb socket to charge your phone. The electric that The Hideaway does have is all powered by solar panels. To be honest, I loved not being able to use my phone for a day or so. I’m normally always busy doing something on it so it was nice just to switch off and with a place like Bamff Estate you really appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.  

If you are like me and still like a few home comforts then fear not! There is a shower located just outside The Hideaway. It uses rain water and solar panels to make sure the water is warm and it was just as hot as our shower at home. Bamff Estate provide towels so you don’t need to worry about packing your own. There is also a separate compost toilet which again is only a short walk from where you are staying.

Dogs are more than welcome to stay with their humans too at The Hideaway, just as long as they are not noisy. Too much noise may scare your nearby neighbours the beavers and other wildlife. Dogs that do stay have bowls, a towel and some bedding waiting on their arrival.

The one thing I would say is a must to do when staying at Bamff is the beaver walk. The lovely Paul took us on a tour of the Estate and was very knowledgeable on the history of beavers, their introduction to the estate and the places where you are most likely to spot them. It was quite amazing to see so many beavers dams and the trees they have gnawed at and felled. I felt extremely lucky and excited to see more than one beaver on our walk with Paul along with other wildlife. I would recommend checking out the Facebook page Save the Free Beavers of the Tay and the website Scottish Wild Beaver Group  who help with the study, conservation and protection of wild beavers in Scotland.

Another thing which I really liked about Bamff Estate is they are very much into protecting wildlife and doing as much as possible to to create a natural environment wherever possible.The family of beavers are well established, along with red squirrels, deer, many species of birds and even a wildcat was seen a few years ago. Renewable energy is used throughout the estate in the form of a woodchip heating system, a wind turbine and solar panels so again the estate are doing lots to help the environment.

There are 2 cottages on the estate which are also dog friendly, The Gate Lodge and The Old Brewhouse. Both of which can accommodate two dogs. Whether you are staying at the cottages or The Hideaway you are spoiled for choice of beautiful walks to enjoy with your dogs. Ask for a map of the estate when you stay as it shows all the places you can explore.

I will admit now that The Hideaway is not a place I would normally stay. Laurie jokes by calling me a ‘Princess’ as I like my home comforts so much in the form of a bath, a telly, wifi and a nearby pub when staying away! I will hold my hands up and admit that The Hideaway has converted me to stepping out of my comfort zone and staying somewhere different. I loved so many parts of our stay. The bed with it’s beaver cut wood, the wood burning stove, the fairy lights, having no wifi, the woodlands, the beavers, the walks, the lovely staff on the estate, the list is endless! Since our return home a couple of weeks back I’ve actually not stopped talking about it to anyone who has listened and I would stay time and time again. I honestly don’t think you will find anywhere quite like this in Scotland, even the rest of the UK. And of course, you don’t need to leave your dog at home while enjoying everything Bamff Estate has on offer!


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